Improve Your Neck and Decolletage!

How Old Is Your Skin?

This is a trick question since all skin ages differently. There are those genetically blessed and then there are those of us that need to work at it

There are two types of aging: natural which is mainly the hereditary factors and premature which is brought on mostly by sun exposure and environmental conditions. Many young women do not see the damage being done to their skin while trying to maintain an even tan and this is when most of the damage is occurring.

An area that is often forgotten is the neck and decolletage areas. We apply our sun blocks on our faces but forget about our necks and decolletage areas.

"Guilty" says Sue, a fifty something mother and office administrator in Booragoon. "Just look at my neck, you can count the rings just like telling the age of a tree!" Sue, who looks at least 10 years younger than what her driver's license reports, admits to neglecting her neck. "I'm really good about putting sunscreen on my face, but, until recently, I haven't paid much attention to the decolletage area. And I can see the difference," she says.

The Repair Shop.

Sue is not alone and there are many opportunities to repair the skin of the decolletage area and prevent future damage.

The most common type of damage seen in this area is pigmentation spotting - usually brown and differing in size (similar to freckles) and redness. These exist at different depths within the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. The décolleté area becomes more sensitive due to repetitive sun exposure and age. After years of environmental stress, the décolleté area often becomes photosensitive and any exposure to the sun, wind, etc., causes the area to become irritated quickly, with red patches and pimples appearing. We recommend products with glycolic acid, including professional glycolic treatments and facials. When receiving a glycolic facial, ask your Therapist to apply the AHA/BHA to your décolleté, not just your face.

Home care products that contain combined AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) including glycolic acid are well known for their great results in improving all types of problems including pigmentation. Used daily and building up to twice daily, AHA's will help dissolve the glue that binds the damaged cells together and they just slough off leaving a clearer, cleaner and younger looking skin.

As well as AHA's and BHA's topical retinoids, like a vitamin A derivative, help address photo damage, improve texture and reduce the appearance of blotchy skin discolorations.

And lastly for total facial rejuvenation, antioxidants are a must. Ideally used during the daytime they add the glow and youthfulness to the skin. Vitamin C is the strongest antioxidant and we recommend a serum as it will penetrate easily into the skin giving you instant results.

For younger looking and performing skin you must always clean, protect, hydrate and or moisturise twice everyday. Why not book a complimentary skin analysis and get the complete story regarding your skin and its care. Phone Janice or Ami at Bunbury 97213877 or Jasmine at Kings Park 9322 2477 to make your appointment now.

At escape day spas we recommend the HL product range for AHA's, retinols and vitamin c and the new Vitalise products for hydrating, moisturizing and protecting the skin. We also stock the Jane Iredale range of mineral make-up with a Sun Protection Factor 20.

Escape soon...your skin deserves it!

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