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June is perfect to peel!
Peel away the summer build-up on your skin.
June Special: $45 per peels levels l, ll & lll.

Facial re-surfacing peels are an effective ways to optimize your skins look and feel
and the results just keep getting better with time.


  • Clean - blackheads
  • Clear – pimples, scarring & acne
  • Brighten - complexion
  • Firm & Lift - the neck and chin areas
  • Plump - wrinkles
  • Tighten - pores

June Peel Special: $45.

Call now to book your June peel special: 9322 2477.

NEW: Gelish Nail Dipping System

Watch a video here then call the Kings Park Spa (9322 2477) and book your $45 new gelish DIP!

The Bunbury Spa is now Hussh Body & Soul.

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Advice and Tips from Escape

Improve Your Neck and Decolletage!

Improve Your Neck and Decolletage! How Old Is Your Skin? This is a trick question since all skin ages differently. There are those genetically blessed and then there are those of us that need to work at it There are two types of aging: natural which is mainly the hereditary factors and premature which is brought on mostly by sun exposure and environmental conditions. Many young women do not see the damage being done to their skin while trying to maintain an even tan and this is when most of the damage is occurring.


Blackheads and Enlarged Pores

Concern with pore size is practically a national obsession. No doubt this is provoked by inescapable multimedia images of glamorous faces airbrushed to impossibly unattainable perfection. Thee truth is that pores are a fact of life. They aren’t invisible and everyone has them. But not everyone knows how best to minimize their pores’ appearance.