LED: Cellular Rejuvenation.

The world of beauty therapy is now one where technology gives us results beyond the norm.

We now know that Glycolic Acid dissolves the glue-like substance that binds dead skin cells to the surface so they slough off more easily resulting in a cleaner, clearer and younger looking skin.

We know there are derivates of Retin A on the market that help the skin to function younger without any side effects except a fresher less wrinkled skin. We know Vitamin C is one of the strongest anti-oxidants available and that an anti-oxidants 'gobble-up' cells damaged by the environment or our busy lifestyles leaving the skin revitalized.

Now we introduce L.E.D. Advanced technology for cellular rejuvenation. L.E.D combats the signs of aging.

The latest buzz word in beauty is LED - the machines that advance skin treatments to a degree that no man or woman has so far been able to go. Originally used by NASA to improve wound healing in space and assist with fatigued and tired astronauts. LED is rapidly bringing incredible benefits to all skin types. It is an innovative, non-invasive light therapy treatment that rejuvenates the skin from deep within the cell, promoting vital cellular balanced and unsurpassed results.

"Usually people go to Dermatologists for treatments that really make a cosmetic difference, but with LED, we have the opportunity to offer those dramatic, non-evasive changes to our client's skin. That's really empowering for a beauty therapist." Jennifer Bingemann Escape Day Spa Owner and a Beauty Therapist for over 30 years.

Available at escape spas: Kings Park: 9322 2477