The Himalayan Crystal Salt Soak

Body Anti-Aging.

60 minutes of luxury, relaxation and rejuvenation with amazing results. "I felt happy. Almost giggly!" Anne-Marie from Cottesloe said after enjoying her first Himalayan Crystal Salt Soak.
This experience includes relaxation-cocoon-time while you enjoy a foot massage an essential part of the treatment. We do offer a back, neck and shoulder massage as an alternative but the foot massage really helps flush the toxins helping to re-aligned and rebalanced the meridians (Charkas) increasing your energy levels.
Said to be equivalent to a 3 day fast! Each day, over 3 days you will feel increasingly refreshed and revitalised.
Great for when convalescing.

A treatment exclusively developed by escape day spas to really help clients relax and destress but also to flush the fluids, normally full of toxins, that can build up in our bodies due to life and our lifestyles. The salts create a vacuum efficiently flushing the toxins leaving you renewed.

We recommend you drink lots of room temperature water after the Himalayan Soak to achieve a full flush......enjoy!

Why not try the Himalayan Crystal Salt Soak as a foot soak while enjoying an escape facial?