The Amazing Clearsonic is available exclusively at Escape Day Spa, Kings Park.

February/March 2018 Specials:

  • 30 minute pick-me-up facial $65: recommended weekly.
  • 60 minute fabulous facial $109: recommended fortnightly.
  • 90 minute spectacular facial $169: recommended monthly.

The clearsonic has no downside just instant results. It is a medical grade ultrasonic skin exfoliation and lifting unit that uses low frequency sound waves to enhance and revive the skins appearance, instantly. 
Step 1 is like steam cleaning the skin.
Step 2 is lifting and firming.
After only one treatment you will see and feel:

  • cleaner & clearer skin
  • reduced lines and wrinkles
  • plumper and firmer
  • and that 'Mmmm' smooth feeling...


"It was like having my skin steam cleaned." Rica; Mosman Park.
"My blackheads were empty after 3 weekly treatments. Yeh!" Suzanne; Nedlands.
"I went to buy a product and came out with lifted and refreshed skin. They had a cancellation so I thought why not. Hated the noise it made but now it is included in my monthly facials and it puts me to sleep." Jodi; Fremantle.
"Love, love, love it! 30 minutes and I think I look better and that's what counts." Rachel; Subiaco.

Available exclusively at Kings Park: 93222477.

The Clearsonic features 2 modes and is suitable for all skin types :
Cleaning Mode (ultrasonic peel)
In this mode, water and a process called "cavitation" eliminates dead skin cells, blackheads and other skin debris by spinning water molecules across the skin at high vibrations thus loosening the upper portions of the outermost layer of the epidermis. This produces a thorough exfoliation with no irritation or inflammation and can be used for ALL skin types to help improve photo-damaged and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also disinfects surface acne bacteria making it an extremely useful tool in the treatment of acne.

2nd + 3rd Modes (antioxidant infusion and micro-current therapy)
This mode uses a process called "sonophoresis" which creates pathways into the skin through which topical antioxidants and other nutrients can reach the deeper levels of the epidermis. We then combine this with micro-current therapy, an extremely low level electric current applied to the surface of the skin to balance and repair allowing increased amino acid transport and protein synthesis leading to an increase in the production of collagen. Combining both modes will rejuvenate, heal, detoxify, firm and lift the skin.

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