Kings Park

About Us

Sometimes in life we forget how lucky we are. We spend so much time trying to make ends meet we forget what life is really all about; health, family, friendship and fun! Escape day spa, KINGS PARK feels like one big happy extended family. We feel responsible for each others well-being believing so we all enjoy our time at work otherwise you'll feel it in our hands and your escape experience won't be the very best we can provide.

We appreciate your visits and look forward to spoiling you. We know a simple massage can be a wonderful, de-stressing experience and releases any tensions, but our facials are simply the BEST! We love our job and hope you'll join us soon at Kings Park. Let us make you feel .......amazing.

Take time, smell the roses and hug your kids, friends and family.

And remember to escape soon... you deserve to.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Bingemann and The Escape Team.