This goes with this goes with that JUNE specials.

Huge savings are available when you purchase a group of 6 x 20 minute treatments!

  • 6 x LED Treatments $220
  • 6 x Ultrasonic cleaning and lifting $220
  • 6 x Dermal Peels l or ll $220


Enjoy a radiance facial with our famous facial 'gymnastics' massage and 20 minutes LED for  
$135: Call now 9322 2477.

JUNE FACIAL + LED treatments for breakouts; package including 2 x cleaning + extraction facials and 6 x L.E.D's. A Combo Facial Package: $450 (Special) intended to combat breakouts and clear up skin with the use of an LED Combo Light employing a combination of red and blue infrared lights to help destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Call to book your first treatment now 9322 2477.